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Oprah Told Me I Should Be Grateful

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not an Oprah fan. It was her “favorite things” shows that did it for me. Most of the items were way too expensive for any of her viewers, and I hate that … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift Wrote a Song For Me

I adore Taylor Swift.  I blame my inner teenager, who thrives on angst.  I secretly hope that Taylor Lautner listens to “Back to December” (which, seriously, I think she wrote for me because it totally could have applied to one … Continue reading

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September Goals

I should post this on the first day of the month, but I’m a rebel like that.  Here are my goals for September 2011.  Kick my ass if I’m not achieving them. 1. Track all food eaten, using eTools. 2. … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Food at All

So, my pal Colleen posted something today that resonated with me.  Please go over and read her post (I’ll wait). Finished?  OK.   *Deep Breath* I’ve been struggling lately with the whole weight loss thing.  I haven’t made any progress on … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Home

My fall semester began yesterday, and I’m starting to get back in the swing of things.  Thankfully, the weather has cooled down around here, which is helping me transition from summer to fall.  Plus, there was an earthquake today, which … Continue reading

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In Which I Respond To the Worriers

Apparently, I hit a nerve with some folks on my last post.  Several people messaged me, concerned that I was pining away after another fellow, and unhappy with my marriage. Let me assure you, I’m happy.  Honestly! I love The … Continue reading

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Lovey-Dovey Stuff and Second Chances

When the girl came to clean my room yesterday, she noted that there weren’t any cards or flowers from my husband.  I smiled and explained that he’s not a card and flowers kind of guy.  She asked, “well, how do … Continue reading

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