Reverb12: Beauty

For the month of December, I’m participating in Reverb12, responding to prompts reflecting on my year.  If you’d like to participate, visit Daily Angst.

December 3: Beautiful things: what brought beauty into your life this year? Was it a tangible thing or something intangible? Tell us about it in detail.

Would it be horribly cliché to say that the most beautiful thing that entered my life this year was my second son?  As I’ve written, he was a complete surprise, and one that I wasn’t very happy about at first.  Or maybe that’s not quite right.  I was…apprehensive.  Nervous about gaining weight back, and how having a second child would change my life even more.  Yes, that’s better.

Now, almost four months after his birth, I can’t imagine life without him.  With my first son, I spent the first year nervous that I was doing it all wrong, and fearful of the future.  Now that I know what to expect (for the most part), I can enjoy being a mom.

Since I went with the cliché to start, I’ll add another thing of beauty.  Life.  Seriously.  I mean, how lucky are we to get to have all of these experiences, and meet all of these incredible people.  The good, the bad, the ugly — we’re lucky.  I don’t think I’ve realized that until this year.  I’m just so grateful for being alive.  For getting to get up every morning and learn something new, or experience something new.  Or to find comfort in something old.  I think that being able to appreciate life is beautiful, and I’m grateful that’s come to me this year.

If you’re participating in Reverb12, please leave a link below.  I’d love to read your responses!


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Just a 30-something girl trying to figure it all out. I write about weight loss, books, motherhood, life, and whatever is on my mind.
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2 Responses to Reverb12: Beauty

  1. dailyangst says:

    I love this! So glad you’re joining us in writing.

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