Weight Watchers: Week 13 Weigh-In, ActiveLink, and Thanksgiving

I got lucky.  Last week, I derailed a bit.  When I’m stressed, I eat.  A lot.  Mostly sweets.  The beginning of the week was on track, and the second half was full of cookies and sweets, and…not that great food.  Not horrible, and not my worst week, but I could have done so much better.

11/17 Weigh-In: +/- 0. 

No change.  I’ll take it. 

We had yet another leader on Saturday.  I know that the regular leader is on maternity leave, but I really can’t stand the revolving door of leaders.  I hope it ends soon.

The meeting had two topics: ActiveLink and Thanksgiving.

Since I have ActiveLink, I was curious to see what others thought of it.  The leader gave the sales pitch, but people didn’t seem to be sold on it.  Only one other member has it, and she likes it.  I told the members that it really changed how I view activity.  Before using it, I would have given myself 5AP for 1.5 hours of yoga.  With ActiveLink, just having that workout isn’t enough to earn APs if I’m a slug the rest of the day.  I still have to be active to earn APs.  And, yes, that can be frustrating.

Saturday, I had yoga class in the morning, and was pretty active all day.  Around 8pm, I checked my ActiveLink and saw that even though I was over 100% of my Base Line, I hadn’t earned any AP.  I need to hit 132% of my base to earn APs.  I’m not sure if that’s the way it should be, but that’s how it is for me.  So, I started pacing around the house and dancing with KidPilgrim, just to earn 1 measly 1AP. 

The second half of the meeting covered Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I’m not too worried about it.  I tend to fill up on veggies at dinner.  I do have to be careful with dessert.  But I don’t tend to go crazy on that day because I try to focus on just enjoying the time with my family.

We shared lots of tips to make the holiday healthy, and it surprised me (saddened me, really) when many members said that they’re going to eat what they want with no concern for their health that day.  I’m not saying that everyone has to stay within their PointsPlus (or however they track their eating).  But folks seemed offended at the idea of lightening up certain dishes, or avoiding triggers and such.  But to each their own, I suppose.

My goal for this week is to track my food, and post some sort of loss.  I had a good weekend, but today wasn’t great.  I forgot my breakfast at home, and had to grab something at work.  All I wanted was a buttered hard roll, so that’s what I chose.  So not healthy.  And then I had to deal with grocery shopping after work, and I caved and got a donut.  Stress = sweets for me, and I hate it.  I could have made a better choice, but I was so hungry.  And when I’m hungry, I can’t think straight.  I’ve gotten better about carrying snacks with me, but my snacks were in the bag that I forgot this morning.  No excuse, I know. 

The boys are getting restless, so I’d better stop rambling. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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One Response to Weight Watchers: Week 13 Weigh-In, ActiveLink, and Thanksgiving

  1. That whole Activity Base Line concept sure takes some getting used to for me, too! I have to get to 116% before I earn an AP. Like you, it’s definitely changed how I view activity and made me realize it’s more about being active all day rather than just throwing in a 30 minute workout and taking 2-3 APs (depending upon intensity).

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