Weight Watchers: Week 11 Weigh In

I woke up yesterday, not wanting to go to my Weight Watchers meeting, or to my yoga class.  I lingered a bit until I knew I’d be late for the meeting.  But I got dressed, and went to weigh in.  I’m ok with missing meetings on occasion, but I will not miss a weigh in.  Avoiding the scale won’t make a gain disappear. 

Even though the next meeting was about to start, there were only a couple of people there.  Many in my area still don’t have power back.  Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on my state, and it breaks my heart. 

Anyway.  I gained 2.8lbs this week.  That’s a lot of candy, not drinking water, and not moving.  It is what is is.  All I can do is move on, and that’s what I’m doing. 

Yesterday, the kids and I went trick-or-treating with my family.  Walking around the neighborhood (as depressing as it was, with trees down everywhere, and many people not handing out candy) felt good.  I need to remember how good it feels when I walk.  It’s tough because it’s getting colder out now, and with two little guys, I just don’t want to take them outside, especially BabyPilgrim.  I need to bide my time until January, when my schedule changes, and I’ll be able to walk/run outside. 

It’s back to work for me tomorrow.  I’m not sure how many students will show up; many in our area are still without power.  But I’ll be there.  Tonight, I need to revamp the schedule for the rest of the semester, and hope that there aren’t any more snow days.  Or hurricane days.  I’m ignoring the Nor’easter they’re forecasting for Wednesday. 

I hope all of you are warm, and on track with your goals.


About JessieB

Just a 30-something girl trying to figure it all out. I write about weight loss, books, motherhood, life, and whatever is on my mind.
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