Just Between Us…

I used to believe that Valentine’s Day was an important holiday that required flowers, jewelry, and sappy cards.  I thought that all of those things equaled love.

Now, at the ripe old age of 36, Valentine’s Day is just a day for me to giggle at the confused men buying gifts and flowers at the mall.  Now that I have The Kid, I make sure to send cards to all of his loved ones.  I do miss being a kid and having a Valentines mailbox in class.  But Hubs and I rarely exchange cards or gifts anymore.  Every day is a love letter for us.  No, not in a sappy way.

I know that he loves me because he takes care of any Kid barf that happens because barf makes me want to barf.  He works hard to provide for us.  He changes my loofah in the shower on a regular basis because I can never remember to.  He takes care of my laundry when I forget to take it out of the dryer.  He unloads the dishwasher because he knows I hate to put dishes away.  He goes to my girly concerts whenever I ask him to.  Even though he’s not a word person, he will patiently listen to any song I play for him, or read passages from stories at my insistence.  He’s a very shy and private person, but he doesn’t hold anything back with me.  He is a fantastic father to The Kid, and seeing him so happy makes me weepy every time.  There are countless other things that show me every day that he loves me.  And there is no one else I’d rather grow old with.

And then there’s Valentine #2, The Kid.  He amazes me every single day.  I love to have conversations with him and to watch him learn and analyze everything.  He speaks in short sentences now, and is so smart.  I adore his smile.  He gives the best hugs (aside from his dad), and I am so honored to be his mama.

I think this post is more for me that you, reader.  I needed to be reminded of how lucky I am.

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it’s my perfect Valentine’s song for Hubs.

If he had a blog, I’m sure he’d post this:

or this:

Or one more from me:



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Just a 30-something girl trying to figure it all out. I write about weight loss, books, motherhood, life, and whatever is on my mind.
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2 Responses to Just Between Us…

  1. I do so enjoy reading posts like these. Your statement, “Every day is a love letter for us” hits home for me, too. A and I make sure we tell each other each day how we feel about one another because neither one of us might have a tomorrow. I would hate to not have said all the things that need to be said. So each day I tell him how much I appreciate him. How much I love him. How much me means to me and what a good father I think he is.

    I love your choices of songs. One day, we’ll all have a fine dinner together and talk about music and words and tell stories about “back in the day.” I think that day will rock.

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