Nov. 24: Thankful (The Big One)

For many reasons, I never thought I’d get married.  I thought I’d live my life alone, in a city apartment full of cats, and spend my time writing.

But in October 2005, I was lucky enough to marry my best friend.  We’d known each other since high school, had lots of drama and breakups, but ended up back together in college.  Even though by our wedding day we’d been together for 9 years (we were a bit slow on the marriage thing), I was still afraid that I’d walk down the aisle and find out that the whole thing was a joke.  Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Our Wedding Day (no white gown for me!)

I don’t know how I got so lucky.  Honestly.  He is one of the smartest, kindest, and funniest people I know.  He’s very shy in public, and I’m blessed that I get to know the real Hubs.  We certainly have our differences, but I think that’s forced us to learn how to compromise and be more compassionate.

And then there’s The Kid. For many reasons, I never thought I’d be a mother.  I didn’t think I deserved to be a mother.  My pregnancy surprised me. And terrified me.

My son is 20 months old now.  Every day, he teaches me a lesson about myself or about life.  He forces me to look beyond myself, and to slow down.  He taught me that work is not what’s most important in life.  He taught me that it’s ok to dance when the urge strikes, even just for a few seconds.  He is the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, and I’m so thankful that I’m his mama.

The Kid


I hope that all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving, and that you are able to spend it with the people you love.


About JessieB

Just a 30-something girl trying to figure it all out. I write about weight loss, books, motherhood, life, and whatever is on my mind.
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2 Responses to Nov. 24: Thankful (The Big One)

  1. I think it’s very normal to have a dip (or plunge) in drive and interest in work upon having a child. Obviously and as it should be, your child becomes the central focus in your life. Work seems a little less — if not important — then less central to your identity. Life is about trying to maintain some balance, and I think we go through phases and levels of interest in all of the aspects of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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