The Cheesecake Walk

This post was supposed to be a vlog.  I started it three times, and was interrupted each time.  So you won’t get to see my sweaty face, crazy eyes, or bushy hair on this one.

Yesterday was The Hubs’ birthday.  He’s old, but I still love him.  Normally, I make a cake for him, but in my effort to try to be a good Weight Watchers chick, I talked him into a smaller, not-so-homemade cake.  I didn’t want to make a normal-sized cake and have leftovers to deal with all week.  We went to Wegmans, and he selected a cheesecake.

A magical, glorious cheesecake.

I’m pretty sure that my girlish squeals and giggles at the sight of the cheesecake made the decision for him.

We had some cheesecake last night, and it was, aside from my grandmother’s (who is deceased), the best cheesecake ever.  EVER.  I went over my Points+ a bit, but I was ok with that because it was a special occasion.

There were two small pieces leftover in the fridge this morning.  I thought about having it for breakfast.  The fat girl in me rationalized that it had eggs and dairy products.  Hello??  Breakfast!!  But I resisted.

This afternoon, my pal Colleen and I were texting back and forth, and she inquired about the cheesecake (I may have bragged about it last night).  I told her that I planned on having some tonight.  And then she asked the question I was dreading: “And you moved your ass today?”


Aside from walking around while shopping, my ass hadn’t moved today.

So I put on my workout clothes, my sneakers, packed up the kid, and went for a walk.  I have to admit, I was pissed.  I was angry that I had to walk in order to have the damn magical cheesecake.  I was angry that I lost my mojo and didn’t want to walk anymore.

I was mad at myself.

The Kid fell asleep early on in the walk, and I was left with my thoughts.  I thought about how over the summer, I couldn’t wait to get outside and walk.  I thought about how good it felt to buy clothing today that didn’t include an X in the size.   By the time a half-hour had passed, I felt pretty good.  It was cool out, the sun was setting, and I was doing something positive for my health.  For a second, just a second, I even considered skipping the cheesecake.

I’m not crazy, though.  I ate that cheesecake after dinner.

While I’m embarrassed that it took my desire for a piece of cheesecake to get me to walk, I’m ok with it.  At least I got out there and moved my ass.

What inspires or motivates you to exercise when you really don’t want to?


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7 Responses to The Cheesecake Walk

  1. Good for you….sometimes cheesecake is worth fighting with yourself

  2. ROBIN says:

    I try try try to keep the sweets out of the house as much as possible, but with kids, it’s very hard… and I just have to do my work out just as soon as i get home from work, or else, if i sit down, or start dinner, or laundry, or anything outside of the Total Gym, you may as well forget it!!!!
    and by the way….one of my attachments to my Gym broke, so i’m down to half a work out now…UGH!
    no weight loss at this point….so it’s hard for me to stay focused….
    but hey…you hang in there! whatever works….even if it’s cheesecake!! LOL

    • It is hard to keep sweets out of the house with kids! I buy mini cookies for my son, and I always end up sharing a few with him.

      Stay focused! If you move your butt and eat right (most of the time), the weight loss will come!

  3. Laura says:

    Food honestly motivates me more than it doesn’t, which embarrasses me as well! However – whatever worked for you that day worked for you, so let it be.

    I have to convince myself to workout sometimes just by remembering how great I will feel after. Exercise gives me a surge of energy that nothing else will, and some days I really really need that! I’ve been trying to remember this the past few weeks.

    • Great point, Laura! It is important to remember how good/accomplished we feel after exercise. I think I’m going to start writing down how I feel after a workout so that I can better remember why I do it.

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