VLOG: Safety

One of the reasons that I haven’t  been blogging much is because it’s hard for me to get on the computer with The Kid around.  While on my walk this morning, I thought I’d try a brief VLOG.  Excuse the sweatiness and rambling.


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14 Responses to VLOG: Safety

  1. Marla says:

    Great Vlog! I’m curious too to see what others do when exercising outdoors alone. I know I’m severely lacking in this since I only usually have my attack beagle with me and she’s not very helpful in the attack department.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve had too many instances lately when I’ve started to get nervous when someone slows down as they pass me (which, duh, I guess they should), or I encounter another walker/runner. I stay in pretty public places, so I hope that someone would help if I screamed for help. But since I have The Kid with me, I want to make sure I can protect him if anything happens.

  2. This is something I confess that I don’t really think about. If I am outside exercising it’s usually at the park. And while that’s not completely in the public eye (the walking trail does have a few secluded spots to it), I’ve never really worried or gotten nervous. That being said, I don’t have my kids with me when I go, either – which would greatly impact my thought process. The trail I use for walking/jogging is completely away from the road, so I don’t worry about that, but it is wooded in spots. I guess I should think about that considering I go sometimes at 5am.

    • I never thought about it until The Kid. Now, I think about it every time I’m out with him.

      With regard to this wooded area you walk in…you might want to watch out for a ‘Squatch. Just sayin’.

  3. Meredith says:

    I let people know where I’m going and how long I expect to be gone. When I think someone looks suspicious I actually make eye contact and talk to them. If someone is going to do something crappy like kidnap you, they’re less likely to if you make it known that you see them. Also, people exercising usually don’t have money and other valuable stuff with them besides maybe a phone or a mp3 player, so criminals tend to stay away if its just a random act. I’d be more careful with leaving important belongings in a car ‘n stuff at a park. Naughty people like to stalk parking lots and they can tell how long you’ll be gone by what exercise you are doing.

  4. Laura says:

    “Kung Fu Skills” made me laugh out loud!

    I love the VLOG! Please keep posting them!

    I don’t really do much either. I avoid places that are sketchy and I don’t exercise outside during times where it’s dark or will be dark soon. I also have a road id that I wear on my wrist just in case something does happen to me. I also text someone and tell them I’m going. I also generally have my cell phone with me in case something does happen.

    I got lost one time running and didn’t have my cell phone with me and that was HORRIBLE! Since then I tend to go on pretty mediocre routes where I know I’ll be able to loop around several times if I need to, so I can get my mileage but also risk not getting lost.

    • I can’t imagine being out there without a cell phone! When I get nervous, I have it ready to dial 911. 🙂

      I need to get a Road ID. I have a coupon for a discount; I just need to place that order!

      • Laura says:

        I love my roadID! I never go for a run or bike ride without it. I even wear it during races. Basically if I’m outside working out, it’s on my wrist!

  5. Yes, yes, what Laura said! Lots more VLOGs please!

  6. Stacy aka FattyBoobaLatty says:

    Love the walking VLOG
    Dying over the lack of Kung Fu skillz!!
    Regretfully have no safety tips because I rely solely on the “I’m Billy Badass and I could easily kill you with 1 finger” look I keep planted on my face. Hopefully I won’t ever have to test it’s effectiveness….

  7. The things that I do:

    1. I always tell someone my route and an estimated return time. If I plan on running for 30 minutes, I tell The Boyfriend to come looking for me if I’m not back in 45.

    2. I always, always, always take my phone with me. If it’s not charged to at least 60%, I won’t go until it’s charged.

    3. I carry my ID on me. Once I get a Road ID, that will come with me instead.

    4. I carry a “jogger” pepper spray. It has a hand loop, so it loops over my one hand and I forget it is there half the time.

    5. I know it’s boring, but I stopped wearing my head phones while I’m out. Even though I know to look around and keep alert, I’m a little too nervous that I won’t hear someone/something approaching.

    6. This may seem counterintuitive, but if I see other people out walking or jogging, I’ll say hello. After awhile, you’ll begin to see the same people over and over – you kind of get to “know” them and they get to “know” you. For example, I was out running my usual route and one of the joggers I “know” warned me to cut my loop short because of skunk!

    • Ooh, good tips! I need to get some pepper spray. I used to carry it years ago in college.

      I don’t wear headphones when I’m out walking/running on the roads. If I’m in the park with The Hubs, I’ll wear them (he walks with the kid while I run).

      I do need to get better at telling people when I’m going out.


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