I’m Still Here

I just got back from a week with my family (husband, The Kid, my mom, and my dad) in Ocean City, NJ.  We’ve been going here since I was a wee lass, and it’s one of my favorite places.

It wasn’t a terribly relaxing vacation.  Spending time on the beach is no longer about reading a book, playing in the water, or anything like that.  It’s about keeping an eye on The Kid, who, at 16 months old, is full of boundless energy.  I was worried he’d swallow sand or salt water (he did, and survived) or get snatched (he didn’t).  He had a wonderful time playing in the sand and water.  He tired very quickly of the annoying paparazzi that followed him.

So, now that I’m home, I’m a bit overwhelmed.  I’m trying to get back onto the weight loss wagon, getting ready for the fall semester, along with normal household things.  I really just want to take a nap and ignore it all, but I can’t.

I need to make a plan.

1. Go back to WW meetings.  One of my friends from grad school just joined WW.  I can go to her Saturday morning meeting (which sounds cooler than mine).  It’s 15 more minutes of driving one way, but I’ll get to see her, and I’ll have a WW buddy locally.

2. Track all food. I slacked off on tracking while on vacation.  I started again on Saturday when I got home.  I’m tracking using my phone and the 3 month paper journal (I can give myself stickers that way).

3. EAT HEALTHIER.  I may have been eating within my points (mostly), but I’ve been making crappy choices.  I need to eat healthy, unprocessed, whole foods.  This will help with #4.

4. MOVE MY ASS.  Once my ankle started bothering me two weeks ago, I slacked off on C25K.  I need to get back to that, and do something physical daily.  I’m going to start using the gym at work, and am considering joining the local Y as well so that I can take advantage of their classes, childcare (while I work out), and pool.  Also, I purchased a Groupon for Easton Yoga so I’ll have a month of unlimited classes.  I’ve never tried yoga before, and I’m excited!

5. Schedule. My fall semester is going to be very busy (I’m teaching 5 classes between 2 colleges), so planning is going to be key.

6. Socialize.  I have a wonderful support system online with Twitter, but I need more “real life” support.  I need to find a running group, walking group, or something.  I’m going to sign up for two more 5K’s, and I’ll make a point of connecting with people there.

7. Writing.  I need to make time to write, so I’ll be working in 1-2 hours per week of blogging/writing time.

So, that’s the plan as it stands right now.  Kick me in the ass if I don’t stick to it!



About JessieB

Just a 30-something girl trying to figure it all out. I write about weight loss, books, motherhood, life, and whatever is on my mind.
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