A Day at the Races…

After a two month hiatus, we were finally back at the races yesterday. The car is still for sale, but we brought it out to Williams Grove Speedway (Mechanicsburg, PA) for a special race. A race for the children. It was a benefit for the Kasey Kahne Foundation. Kasey Kahne, Dave Blaney, and my boy Tony Stewart were all there to race. I’d been looking forward to this race for almost a year (since I attended last year’s race…which didn’t have Tony or Blaney). We didn’t qualify, but that was OK. We just don’t have the money or equipment to race with these guys. But we gave it a shot.

I crawled into bed at 3am, and I’m beat. So here are photos from the day. I promise, a real post soon.

Kasey Kahne on the track

Tony Stewart on the track

Turn 2 from the bridge (crosses over the track)
Kasey Kahne
Tony Stewart

Turn 3 from the bridge

Tony signing autographs (no, I didn’t get one)

My only complaint about the day was that they allowed spectators (folks not associated with a car) into the pits during the races. Most of them congregated around the Nascar drivers’ cars, and created a HUGE safety hazard because they were standing in the pit lane, where cars were coming and going. While Tony and Kasey were in their cars waiting to be pushed out onto the track, people were gawking, standing right by their car to take pictures of them in the cockpit. During the driver’s meeting, there were people giggling and taking photos of the three (Kahne, Stewart, and Blaney) of them. I can completely understand the excitement of seeing your favorite driver up close, but they’re there to race. Take pictures and stuff during autograph sessions or after the race. But when they’re trying to focus and get ready to go out on the track, leave them alone.

OK, now I’m going to take a nap.


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